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Peshtemal City

Peshtemal City established in city of Denizli and manufactures peshtemal. We manufacture our peshtemals for the leading trademarks of Europe, North America and Australia. We continue our innovations and growing utilizing the advantage of being a part of best research, development and the dynamism provided by being a young player in the market of peshtemal. Peshtemal City symbolizes experience, quality, luxury & durability. We pick best yarns to manufacture our Turkish Towels. We have wide colour spectrum. Our Turkish beach towels are durable and easy to handle. Preservation of size, color, feel even after wash. Turkish Towels are made to meet the diverse climatic conditions of our customers location.We always have our most selling products in stocks so we can give our customers Peshtemal Wholesale service. Also we manufacture custom designs. Peshtemal City is always here for you to give best price and it will be pur pleasure to manufacture Turkish towels for you.

Yetkili Kişi:
Semih Uysal
Akcesme Mahallesi 2007 Sokak No:4/A DENIZLI / TURKEY
Anahtar Kelimeler:
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